Customer Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will installation take? Will I be left with no door/window overnight?

    Usually a single door set will take a day to fit, an average window slightly less, a more complicated set (French doors etc) may take longer, but customers will never be left with an open or insecure door overnight.
  • Why hardwood over softwood?

    Hardwood is vastly more durable than softwood, resulting in longevity than cannot be achieved by softwood. It is also much more stable, far less subject to movement and moisture fluctuation. In fact, maintained correctly our hardwood products should last a life time.
  • When removing my old windows – do you dispose of them?

    As part of our installation service we always remove outgoing windows from site (unless requested not to do so), and dispose of them in as ecologically sound manner as possible, most of the old timber frames we burn to heat our workshop!
  • Do you make good any plaster damage incurred in fitting?

    Yes - we would always make good any plastering work needed after a fitting, although we do not undertake any post-fit decorating.
  • Do you put dust sheets down?

    Yes, in fact we go one step further, we also use Temporary carpet protection film in addition to our dustsheets, to ensure that the fitting area is fully protected. We take being clean and tidy very seriously.
  • What warranties do you provide?

    FENSA registered installations 10 years
    5 years for glass units
    Locks, hinges and all metallic moving parts 1 year
    Building work 1 year
  • What is Duplex?

    It is a way of simplify complicated glazing. Glazing bar forms a grill, which in turn is bonded to the front of double glazed units to give the appearance of traditional glazing bar (which separated the panes of glass). Duplex is usually cost effective, and the smaller width of beading gives a much wider aesthetic choice (whilst still adhering to modern insulation regulations).
  • Do the locks meet my insurance requirements?

    A standard mortice lever lock will require an additional deadbolt system lower down the door to comply with insurance requirements, unless fitted with a five-level mortice deadlock that conforms to BS3621. A multi-point locking system has a minimum of three locking points that all lock simultaneously by the turn of a key, this also conforms to BS3621.
    All our windows come fitted with locking systems as standard, our doors have a choice of locks.
  • Will I need planning permission?

    Generally, when replacing “like for like” planning permission is not required but there are many exceptions to this general statement which would mean you do require permission. We happy to share our wealth of experience and explain the considerations involved.
  • What does U value mean?

    U-Values measure how well heat is transferred by the entire window/ door - the frame, sash and glass - either into or out of the building. The lower the U-Value number, the better the window or door will keep heat inside a building on a cold day.
    Cheshire Joinery Services windows and doors are tested for CE compliant U value as standard
  • What is FENSA?

    FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme – in short it is a form of code of conduct ensuring our products comform to regulations – the full answer lays below.
    When replacing windows, doors and roof lights in dwellings in England and Wales, homeowners must comply with current thermal performance and Building Regulation standards and ensure they get a certificate from a Competent Person scheme such as FENSA or Local Authority Building Control.
    FENSA enables companies that install replacement windows and doors to self-certify compliance under these Building Regulations without the need for a separate assessment from Building Control.
    This means that your new windows will meet all regulations, and are automatically registered by us with FENSA to validate this, for complete peace of mind, and also for reference as and when you may choose to sell your property.
    Also, your FENSA registered items will be automatically backed by the QANW insurance scheme, meaning that should CJS cease trading any necessary works covered by your guarantee will still be honoured.
  • Will hardwood windows or doors increase my house value?

    Whilst we cannot guarantee any increase value, there is however a wealth of evidence available to suggest that solid hardwood windows and doors increase the value of a home, or make a house more likely to sell. Many surveys estimate that buyers make the decision to buy a house within twenty seconds of arrival, ten of those twenty seconds are spent looking at the front door.